MGSO4 Festival Commission

MGSO4 date

20 April 2018

A modicum of time has elapsed since my last item of ‘News’. This doesn’t mean I have been existing in stasis for the last year or so, merely that I have sadly neglected the upkeep of this online portal. However — raise a glass in celebration – I have logged in and come bearing ‘News’ for the manifold readers of my website. Lo, cast your eyes upon the following:

The exciting new MGSO4 Festival in Epsom has commissioned me to write a new work on the theme of ‘Discovery’. The new piece will be for cello and piano and last around 30 minutes. It will be performed as part of the Festival this summer on Saturday 7th July in Epsom. I am delighted that the wonderful Midori Jaeger will be the cellist, whilst I will do my best to hit the piano keys at the right time and in the right order. A recording will be made of the new piece. I would love it if you could make it along to the (ahem) world premiere in Epsom on 7th July. Exact details will be released soon. The best way to find out about this is by signing up to my mailing list and I will send details closer to the time.

I will try to share ‘News’ on a more regular basis moving forward…

Hope to see you in Epsom in the summer.